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Ohio STRS Pension Reform: The Death Benefit

STRS Ohio, the state faculty retirement system under which I live, sought to strengthen the financial standing of the retirement pension system without imposing any costs on the institutions. The proposal, under Governor John Kasich’s guidelines, was that all increases … Continue reading

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Overpaid, Underworked Professor Meme

Perhaps it is the narrowness of my perspective, but I cannot understand why the overpaid, underworked professor meme has such cultural resonance. I am a professor, and it looks like bunk to me. One incarnation quoting statistics from February 2012 … Continue reading

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This is perverse, but I’m going to do it anyway

For my dissertation, when creating an edition of Uncle Tom’s Cabin that was based on the National Era newspaper appearance, I organized it by installments. Now I am creating a scholarly edition, which will report all substantive variants. I had … Continue reading

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