Note to “Journalists”: Heard of Lexis-Nexis?

In today’s breathless file, a release of documents purportedly from John McCain’s presidential campaign, a complete dossier on Mitt Romney. This is my favorite sentence:

The extensive research on Romney’s business history includes many snippets and quotations from news stories that are no longer available online or have disappeared behind newspaper paywalls, making the file a likely gold mine for Romney’s political rivals this year.

From which we can conclude the following, I suppose, either about Presidential Campaigns or “journalists” at Daily Caller: that one of them has never heard of Lexis-Nexis, or they have not budgeted any money to subscribe to major national newspapers like the Boston Globe. So the first rule of journalistic digging and opposition research at presidential campaigns is the following: Once ya hit the pay-wall, ya gotta stop.

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