BibLaTex MLA, cite Editor’s Introduction

Today a bit of hard-won wisdom on MLA-style citation with LaTeX. I want to cite the introduction to an edition, by the editor. Below is the BibTex entry for Wyn Kelley’s introduction to Herman Melville’s Benito Cereno.

options = {useauthor=false},
editor = {Kelley, Wyn},
title = {An Introduction to \textit{Benito Cereno}},
booktitle = {Benito Cereno \rm{(1855), by Herman Melville}},
bookauthor = {Melville, Herman},
publisher = {Bedford/St. Martins},
year = {2006},
pages = {5--35},
address = {New York},

Though book title is a cluge, when processed with James Clawson’s BibLaTeX MLA, it WORKS.

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One Response to BibLaTex MLA, cite Editor’s Introduction

  1. Max says:

    What about

    author = {Eric Hobsbawm},
    title = {Introduction},
    bookauthor = {Karl Marx and Frederick Engels},
    booktitle = {The Communist Manifesto},
    publisher = {Verso},
    location = {New York},
    year = {1998},

    The result is

    Hobsbawm, Eric. “Introduction”. The Communist
    Manifesto. By Karl Marx and Frederick Engels.
    New York: Verso, 1998. Print.

    (“The Communist Manifesto” in italics)

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