To do list

As my previous post makes clear, the danger to my career health is distractibility. I work all the time, but I know of only two ways to motivate myself to complete work that is in progress: shame and deadlines. I report to myself, so I shame myself here if the work is not done. I create a deadline of late August 2009. So it’s time to put these motivations to work (after I answer the phone, of course, and the email). Ah, that done–only 5 minutes later–it’s time for the list of tasks to complete:

  • Course Planning: 15 to 20 hours over next two weeks, with attention to L. Dee Finks’s Creating Significant Learning Experiences, the syllabus, a schedule, and 4 or 5 planned activities as the goal.
  • Revising and posting here (in parts, at least every other day) my conference presentation on race and typographical space in UTC, as preparation for revising it, probably for 12-15 pg essay in M/MLA
  • Drafting on canon formation and UTC, for a planned October presentation to ADE
  • Completing draft collation of four book versions of UTC that are part of my project (80 percent done).
  • Transcribing chapter a day of UTC for two weeks so I have more representative sample, and then correcting
  • Sight collating two copies of Jewett paperback, correcting paperback transcription, and completing survey of known copies according to WorldCat: to repeat survey of known copies for National Era newspaper (done, just need to post), Jewett 2-vol. edition (start with Kirkham and update), for illustrated edition, and for 1879 edition.
  • Revising submission to American Periodicals.
  • Preparing article for Notes and Queries on source for Senator Burr’s becoming Senator Bird.
  • Drafting NEH Scholarly Editions Grant Proposal for November deadline
  • Fixing up IBE site, personal web site, and doing twenty small tasks in preparation for teaching
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