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Stowe’s Altered Excerpt from Horace Mann’s Antislavery Letter

Harriet Beecher Stowe in “Concluding Remarks,” the final chapter of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, quotes Horace Mann’s description of the Pearl incident, most likely from the version published in Slavery: Letters and Speeches (Boston: B.B. Mussey & Co., 1851).[1] Mann in … Continue reading

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An OCR cliche: Into his/her anus

In order to improve the quality of my transcription of the 1879 edition of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, I collate the text against the Google Books version. Although the OCR is faulty, it is helpful for catching errors in the original. … Continue reading

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Art, Error, and Repair

Today’s Washington Post has a feature on a Smithsonian exhibition about the Japanese art of mending ceramics with seams of gold (kintsugi). At the risk of cultural expropriation–knowing as I do nothing about pot mending and little to nothing about … Continue reading

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