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OED Can’t Save Me: nonligatured vs unligatured

If two type letters are connected, the connection is known as a ligature. If letters are typically connected but not in an individual case, the adjective to describe the situation could be nonligatured or unligatured. But which should it be? … Continue reading

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A Brief Guide to Naughty Illustrations in American Literature

In a Washington Post article “We’re Teaching Books That Don’t Stack Up,” Nancy Schnog, a high school teacher, cites a research report from the National Endowment for the Arts. According to that report, which you can read here, “The percentage … Continue reading

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“clar over tother side the current”: Where’s the “of”?

The passage in the post title is an oddity from Sam’s speech in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, in which he explains to Arthur and Emily Shelby how Eliza escaped from Haley. This is the earliest version. Though other versions differ slightly, … Continue reading

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BookSnap and Canon Powershot, Affordable Book Scanning

I wonder whether this would be a good way to go for affordable high-quality book scanning. Atiz Booksnap ($1,595) 2 Canon Powershot G10, $410.00 each (free shipping) at B and H Photo 2 Canon Powershot S5 IS, $250.00 (free shipping) … Continue reading

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