Bhutan and I

The Walter Havighurst Special Collection in King Library at Miami University (Ohio) holds a copy of Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Himalayan Kingdom. It was lauded in the New York Times as the “largest commercial book ever published.” The Special Collections staff is kind enough to allow visitors to have their picture taken with the book. I’m to the right, with my legs deliberately obscuring the “Please Don’t Touch” sign.

Wesley Raabe with Bhutan

Wesley Raabe with Bhutan

A librarian assures me that this book is a “big deal” in Oxford, Ohio. For a book lover within 50 miles or so of campus, I think it’s worth the trip. Be sure to drop by the library during Special Collections hours (check the Miami web site). The Library keeps a weekly page-turn schedule.

And thanks to Amy Earhart, I can now show you where I am on a Google map. [Note: This link will expire because it is a training course.]

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  1. Amy Earhart says:

    Hey! Cool picture!

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