Schema and DTD Entity References: You Can Have it All

Syd Bauman’s enthusiasm for the RELAX.NG schema is infectious. So I decided to use the schema instead of the P5 DTD I prepared in Roma application. He has almost convinced me that I can discard my DTD and use only a schema.

But I’m really partial to my entity references (which are not supported in schemas). So he told me that I can have it all, and I now have a way to include DTD entity references with my schema. The code within TEI document is as follows:

A small external DTD (UTC_Eds_Ents.dtd) need only to provide the list of entities. Or the entity reference portion of the DTD can be embedded within the document.

I’m very happy at the moment, but I’m slightly worried that Syd is about to convince me to discard entity references completely, in favor of encoded quotations with render attributes. Naah. That’ll never happen, but I’ll explain why in another post.

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