Meta-Post: or, Why are Readers Here?

The WordPress tools provide a way to see why a reader has arrived at this site. The most interesting (to me) is search terms. And here’s the lifetime list, ranked according to frequency.

Search Views
wesley raabe 24
amanda gailey 5
bibliography of nineteenth century ameri 5
gerry mcgann blog 5
the fayetteville observer + digital news 4
raabe juxta 4
“wesley raabe” 4
oral proofreading 3
joshua bell video metro station 3
washington monument inscription 3
19th century periodicals gale 3
american periodicals, 19th century 3
jewett dunnet shepherdess summary 3
chesnutt + ivanhoe 2
nineteenth century american periodicals 2
“ken price” greenville 2
fatima tennyson 2
“type damage” tanselle 2
robert stilling 2
sarah orne jewett 2
english phd blogs 2
sarah orne jewett the town poor 2
a dunnett shepherdess 2
english phd blog 2
number of characters in the gettysburg a 2
emily dickinson handwriting 2
“vault at pfaffs” 2
converting regular text to rich text 2
quotes by emily dickinson 2
textual collation exercises 2
hyphen 2
emily dickinson there is a word 2
aprille raabe washington dc 2
“digital textual studies” 2
“converting mla to chicago style” 2
“amanda gailey” 2
wesley raabe author:w-raabe 2
gettysburg address script 2
“pat bart” 2
phd english market 2
periodical, new york, 19th century 2
brooklyn newspaper 19th century digital 2
joshua bell washington post video 2
“peter robinson” scholar “tame expert” 2
new york digitized periodicals 2
digital literary scholarship 2
alice cary uncle christopher’s 2
english phd job search 2
“english journal” “college edition” 2
dummy version of the book scarlet letter 1

I’m glad some people find my blog by searching for some variant on my name, although I expect I’m responsible for finding myself at least some of the time. It’s as easy to Google your own blog as it is to type in a URL. I’m sympathetic to the poor fellow or gal who searched for “dummy version of the book scarlet letter” and ended up on my site.

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