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Uncle Tom’s Cabin Variant: Mr. Wilson as a “reasoner” and the Logicians

In Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Mr. Wilson is the owner of the bagging factory in which George Harris works. After George escapes, he encounters Mr. Wilson in a tavern, where ensues an argument in which Mr. Wilson tries to convince … Continue reading

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Dickinson on textual variation, thought undressed

Letter to T. W. Higginson, 25 April 1862 “While my thought is undressed–I can make the distinction, but when I put them in the Gown,–they look alike, and numb.” Cited and discussed by Tim Morris in Philip G. Cohen’s Texts … Continue reading

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Stick Pin in Uncle Tom’s Cabin

In a University of Nebraska copy of the 1852 edition of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, part of the Lowenberg Collection, a reader used a stick pin to re-attach the illustration between pgs. 174 and 175 of volume 1. I would think … Continue reading

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On Marcela in Don Quixote

Fuego soy apartado y espada puesta lejos.”–Don Quixote, Chap XIV, Ed. Murillo, 186-87 “I am distant fire and far-off sword.”–Trans. Edith Grossman 99. Ah, Marcela, the beautiful shepherdess who refuses Grisóstomo and rebukes Ambrosio, who wrongly blames her for his … Continue reading

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Job Search with English Ph.D.: Milestone Reached

My job search has reached a milestone. Today, 11 March 2008, I signed a letter to accept a tenure-track position in Textual Editing and American Literature at Kent State University. This was what I hoped for when I abandoned my … Continue reading

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National Era Uncle Tom’s Cabin: Dissertation Edition Moves to new URL

Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”: An Edition of the “National Era” Version, my dissertation, was at But it has moved. It is now at The “2” after www is discontinued. I wonder how long I will be … Continue reading

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