Lincoln-Whitman at CLIR Mid-Winter Meeting

It’s been a while, but maybe this will spur me to step up my postings. So here’s the old news, in the style of a posting that should have gone up weeks ago. It also introduces Lincoln-Whitman to my blog, the focus of most of my work-related attention.

In my role as the CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow in Scholarly Information Resources at the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities, I provided an overview of progress on “Abraham Lincoln, Walt Whitman, and Washington, DC during the Civil War” at the Jan. 26 Mid-Winter Meeting of Postdoctoral Fellows. The Lincoln-Whitman project will create a digital resource that combines computer-aided mapping, event data, and digital texts to study the transformation of Washington DC into the symbolic center of the Union during the war. Research is centered on geographical sites of fortifications, hospitals, theaters, and temporary camps for African-American refugees from slavery. The Lincoln-Whitman project is co-directed by Kenneth M. Price, co-editor of the Walt Whitman Archive, University Professor, and Hillegass Chair of Nineteenth Century American Literature at UNL, and by Kenneth J. Winkle, Chair of the Department of History and Sorensen Professor of American History at UNL. The 2006-2007 Mid-Winter Meeting for CLIR Postdoctoral Fellows was held at the Charles E. Young Research Library on the campus of UCLA.

Our hosts included Gary Strong, UCLA University Librarian, and Elliott Shore guided the proceedings. I received a crash course in the work of my fellow CLIR fellows.  Thanks all.

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