Alfred Lord Tennyson’s “Fatima”: Strong Kiss

In the 14 January 1857 Washington Evening Star, a wit has fun with a kiss from Tennyson’s “Fatima.”

A Strong Kiss — Tennyson, in his poem of
“Fatima,” relates the strongest case of suction
within our knowlede at present. Speaking of a lover’s kiss,
he says, or rather she says:

“Last night, when some one spoke his name,
From my sweet blood that went and came,
A thousand little shafts of flame
Were shiver’d in my narrow frame.
O, Love! O, fire! Once he drew
With one long kiss, my whole soul through
My lips, as sunlight drinketh dew.”

That’s the strongest kiss we ever read about
and throws the “poor man’s plaster” completely
in the shade. Phoebus! what a suction the fellow had.

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